Buy Hip Hop and R&B Beats Online

Buying Beats Online

Buying beats online is an affordable alternative to having a producer make a beat deliberately for your use, and charge  you studio fees to do so. When you buy beats online you pay a lease to use the beat. Typically a lease lasts for a certain amount of time or for a certain amount of sales. These beats are professional quality and sold at an affordable price. Common leasing options range from $20 to $50 and allow up to 10,000 sales depending on the lease option.

Buying Exclusive Beats Online

Buying beats online is affordable because producers only charge you for the track itself, not studio time or exclusive rights to the track. This is good because you can get beats cheap, but it means that other people will have the same beat as you. If you would like an exclusive track, then you will have to pay a premium price set by the producer. These prices typically range from $1,000 to $5,000+ and depend on the producer. Usually an exclusive track is given to an artist with full rights and unlimited sales. Buying exclusive tracks is a great way to get high quality beats that you can use exclusively without paying high royalty fees or paying for overly priced production.

Where to Buy Hip Hop and R&B Beats Online

You can find producers all over the internet, but the best places to look are YouTube, SoundCloud, and Beat Stars. These are the common places producers promote their beats and you can find literally hundreds of awesome beats!

If you’re a fan of hip hop and R&B beats and would like to make a purchase, we suggest checking out Donahvan Robello. He makes hip hop and R&B beats and sells online. Donahvan puts out high quality beats that have influences from current music, as well as old funk influences. His normal leases cost $30, which is a steal! You can find him on YouTube as well as his website.

Donahvan Robello Productions

One of the best resources for finding hot beats online is YouTube. You can easily find beats that meet industry quality and sound similar to hits you hear on the radio, but still have a unique sound.

If you’re on YouTube we suggest you check out Donahvan Robello , a hip hop and r&b producer. His beats range in style and sound so you should be able to find something you like throughout his catalog.

Donahvan uses FL Studios to make all his beats and always does proper mixing and mastering for all of his tracks. Here is one of his most recent tracks:

If you like what you hear you should check out the rest of his catalog on his Youtube Channel.